SEEK Budgeting Tool and Webform Application

Published: 8/2/2022 3:54 AM


KDE has developed a SEEK budgeting tool to assist districts. KDE recognizes that districts need to prepare for financial changes as soon as possible to budget accordingly. This SEEK budgeting tool should be an aid for districts to prepare for financial impacts that they may foresee in their district. Please be aware that this is to be used for budgeting purposes only. It does not substitute the actual SEEK calculations performed by KDE that are posted to our website.
Instructions to use the SEEK Budgeting Tool are listed below:
1. Login to SEEK District Data Submission.
2. Click the tab titled ‘SEEK Forms & Tools’, then select ‘Budget Calculation’ to calculate your district’s SEEK funding.
3. Use the drop down box function to select your district and enter the new and/or updated data in the column that is titled ‘Revised Amounts’ (right column).
4. When entering revised data, click the tab key to navigate through the fields versus the enter key to avoid calculation until all revised data is entered.
5. Once all revised amounts have been successfully entered into the appropriate fields, click the ‘Calculate’ button.
6. To compare the revised amounts against the original numbers (the last official SEEK run amounts, left column), click the ‘Report’ button.
7. The Reports Manager screen will display the report type, district selected, and fiscal year.  Click the ‘Run’ button to produce the Budgeting Tool Report that can at this time be printed and/or saved for your records.


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