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Procurement State Master Agreements

Published: 9/18/2023 8:18 AM


Under Kentucky statutes (KRS 45A.050(3)), political subdivisions including cities of all classes, counties and school districts may participate in the all state agency Master Agreements to the same extent as agencies of the Commonwealth. For audit purposes, it is highly recommended that local governments, schools, and universities maintain on file a copy of the state MA; the MA catalog (if applicable); the customer's order form; the final "build" sheet that was agreed upon by the vendor and the customer, where applicable; receipt documents indicating the item was delivered correctly; payment information (date and check number), etc.
All State Agency Master Agreements

A listing of “All State Agency Master Agreements” is available at State Agency and Local Government Procurement  This is a comprehensive list of all Master Agreements that are established for use by not only all state agencies, but for any political subdivisions, as well, to include all school districts. In addition to this report, the most frequently asked for price lists by local governments are published on this site.

Vendor Self Service
School districts can access additional information on state contracts, and state solicitations by accessing the Vendor Self Service (VSS).  By clicking public access, a user can search for any current or past solicitations by keyword search. These may help school districts research specifications, or other information.  In order to see which vendor received an award, click on the details button, and go to the Notice of Award tab. Also available at the “Vendor Self Service System” site is a tab for “Catalog Management”.  District personnel can look up items to see if they are on an “All State Agency Master Agreement” by keyword, vendor name, supplier part number, or manufacturer.
Open Door
A pdf version of the Master Agreement terms and conditions, with vendor contact information, can be found at Kentucky's Open Door Contract Search.  Users can search by document id, vendor name, specific departments, and branches, category, contract amounts, effective begin and end dates. Categories are broken down into high level commodity categories, e.g. Automotive Vehicles and Related Transportation Equipment; Foods: Staple Grocery and Grocers Miscellaneous Items; Furniture: Office.

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