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Published: 2/6/2023 12:24 PM
​ ​Schools can provide opportunities for school staff members to improve their health status through activities such as health assessments, health education, and health-related fitness activities. These opportunities encourage staff members to pursue a healthy lifestyle that contributes to their improved health status, improved morale, and a greater personal commitment to the school's overall coordinated health program. This personal commitment often transfers into greater commitment to the health of students and creates positive role modeling. Health promotion activities have improved productivity, decreased absenteeism, and reduced health insurance costs.
​In Kentucky schools, we will promote healthy staffs. We will assure that assessment, education, and fitness activities are available for school faculty and staff. This will be designed to maintain and improve the health and well-being of school staff, who serve as role models for students.

HealthySchool, Healthy Staff, Healthy Students: A Guide to Improving School EmployeeWellness

This guide provides a suggested process and resources for building or expanding an effective employee wellness initiative. It is not intended to be prescriptive or provide a pre-packaged program. The information is based on the experience of other school districts and experts in the field as well as research findings.


Kaiser Permanente’s Thriving Schools

Recognizing the need to provide resources and supports for school staff, employee wellness is a critical component of a healthy school. This website provides tools and tips on keeping our school leaders healthy physically, emotionally, socially and professionally so they can educate our students successfully.


Kentucky Employee Health Plan

Kentucky employees’ health plan is partnering with the LivingWell Program which is a well-being and incentive program to provide members with an online platform and a mobile app experience. For participating in this program, there are financial incentives for completion of an online health assessment and other fun interactive challenges throughout the year.


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