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2022 Teacher Achievement Award Winners

Published: 9/11/2023 1:57 PM

​​​​​​Willie Edward Taylor Carver Jr., an English and French teacher at Montgomery County High School, was named the 2022 Kentucky Teacher of the Year by the Kentucky Department of Education. He was also recognized as the 2022 Kentucky High School Teacher of the Year.​

​2022 Kentucky Teacher of the Year Winners​

Ashley Ritchie Elementary School Teacher of the Year Winner
               Ashley Ritchie 
2022 Elementary School Teacher of the Year 
            Beechwood Elementary​​
          (Beechwood Independent)

Willie Edward Taylor Carver Jr. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
2022 Kentucky Teacher of the Year
Montgomery County High School
        (Montgomery County)

                 Hallie Booth​
2022 Middle School Teacher of the Year​

        Ballyshannon Middle School 
                  (Boone County)

2022 Award Presentation Video

​Stories from Kentucky Teacher:

2022 Kentucky Teacher Achievement Award Winners

Elementary School Teacher Achievement Award Winners

Lauren Coffey​​​​
 Lauren Coffey
 W.R McNeill Elementary
 (Bowling Green Independent)

Kandi Dawson
 Kandi Dawson
 ​Murray Elementary
 (Murray Independant)​​​

Nick Harris
 Nick Harris
 Madison Kindergarten Academy
 (​Madison County) 

 Cindy Hundley
 Gutermuth Elementary
 (Jefferson County)​
Miranda Newland
 ​Miranda Newland
 Campbell Elementary 
 ​​(Raceland-Wortington Independent)
Jamie Reagan
 Jamie Reagan
 Bell Elementary
 (Wayne County)​
Ashley Ritchie
 Ashley Ritchie
 Beechwood Elementary​​
 (Beechwood Independent)


Anna Schneider
 Anna Schneider​​
 Pleasant Grove Elementary 
 (Bullitt County)​

Middle School Teacher Achievement Award Winners​

Hallie Booth

​ Hallie Booth
 Ballyshannon Middle
 (Boone County)​

Troy Coffin

 Troy Coffin​
 ​Woodford County Middle 
 (Woodford County)

Heather Dipasquale

 Heather Dipasquale
 Todd County Middle
 (Todd County)


 Jason Hand​
 Stuart Academy
 (Jefferson County)​

Jo Anne Pennington
 ​Jo Anne Pennington
 Conner Middle 
 ​​(Boone County)
Morgan Preston
 Morgan Preston
 Corbin Middle
 (Corbin​ Independent)
Steffanie Skiles
 Steffanie Skiles​​
 McKell Middle
 (Greenup County)

 Judy Trunnell​​
 College View Middle
 (Daviess County)​​

High School Teacher Achievement Award Winners

​​​​Margaret Brewer

​​​​​​​​ ​Margaret Brewer
 Great Crossing High
​ (Scott County)

Jodie Carnes

 Jodie Carnes​
 ​Lynn Camp School
 (Konx County)

Willie Edward Taylor Carver Jr.​​​​​​​​​​ Willie Edward Taylor Carver Jr.​ 
​ Montgomery County High 

 (Montgomery County)

  ​Jessica Gels
  Rice Academy
​​  (Boone County)​
Mathew Hanes
 Mathew Hanes
 Southern High
 ​​(Jefferson County)
Jennifer Howard
 Jennifer Howard
 Russellville High​
 (Russelville​​ Independent)
Aaron Klausing
 Aaron Klausing​​
 Owensboro High
 (Owensboro Independent)

 Jennifer Sims​​
 Hart County High
 (Hart County)​​​


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