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Statewide Testing Program Research Reports

Published: 3/18/2024 4:14 PM

​The Department of Education conducts ongoing research on Kentucky’s statewide testing programs. Activities include establishing the validity of the assessment and accountability program. Studies include consistency of student results across multiple measures, the congruence of school scores with documented improvements in instructional practice and the school learning environment, and the potential for all scores to yield fair, consistent, and accurate student performance level and school accountability decisions. 

The studies involve third-party checking of;​ the Kentucky Performance Rating for Educational Progress (K-PREP), the current statewide test; ACT QualityCore® end-of course assessments; Program Review; and writing assessments. The research studies may include comparisons to national administered assessments (e.g. NAEP) and other studies recommended by other Kentucky agencies and the Legislative Research Commission. 

These third-party research documents provide much of the evidence needed to assess the validity of the components of the statewide testing program and other requested research on statewide testing. 

2023 Reports 

2022 Reports 

2021 Reports

2020 Reports

2019 Reports

2018 Reports

2017 Reports

Please email KDE DAC Information to request a copy of an older report.

  • FR-09-79 KCCT Third-Party Checking 2009.pdf

  • FR-10-14 Writing Estimate Writing Parameters.pdf

  • FR-10-36 KCCT Common Core Alignment to State Standards.pdf

  • FR-10-44 KCCT Alignment Grades 3 4 5.pdf

  • FR-10-62 KCCT Third-Party Checking 2010.pdf

  • FR-11-52 ACT Qualitycore Grading Options.pdf

  • FR-11-65 KCCT Third-Party Checking 2011.pdf

  • HumRRO 2013-004 Program Review 2011-12 Pilot.pdf

  • HumRRO 2013-007 Policy EOC and K-PREP Cut Scores.pdf

  • HumRRO 2013-011 K-PREP 2012 Third-Party Checking.pdf

  • HumRRO 2013-036 KCCT to K-PREP School Level SES.pdf

  • HumRRO 2013-037 K-PREP 2012 Student Classification Accuracy.pdf

  • HumRRO 2013-038 K-PREP ODW Scoring.pdf

  • HumRRO 2013-055 End-of-Course Cut Scores 2013.pdf

  • HumRRO 2013-079 K-PREP 2013 Third-Party Checking.pdf

  • HumRRO 2014 No 024 2013 EOC Student NAPD Classifications Accuracy.pdf

  • HumRRO 2014 No 075 K-PREP 2014 Third-Party Checking Report.pdf

  • HumRRO 2014 No 079 School Classification with Program Review 2014.pdf

  • HumRRO 2015 No 003 Program Review Report_2013_14_final.pdf

  • HumRRO 2015 No 043 Student Classification K-PREP 2014.pdf

  • HumRRO 2016 No 025 K-PREP 2015 Third-Party Checking Report.pdf

  • HumRRO 2016 No 042 An Investigation of the Stability of Kentucky'​s EOC Assessments.pdf

  • HumRRO 2017 No 036 K-PREP 2016 Third-Party Checking Report.pdf

  • LRC-Interim Accountability Testing System - Validation and Research Agenda 91312.pdf

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