Performance-Based Credit

Performance-Based Credit

Published: 7/28/2023 9:00 AM

​Credits for High School Graduation

From 704 KAR 3:305, minimum requirements for high school graduation:

Section 7.  

(1) A local board of education may award credit toward high school graduation for satisfactory demonstration of learning based on content standards described in the Kentucky academic standards, established in 704 KAR 3:303 and 704 KAR Chapter 8, and a rigorous performance standards policy established by the local board of education. A school shall establish performance descriptors and evaluation procedures to determine if the content and performance standards have been met.

(2) A local board of education shall award credit toward high school graduation based on:

(a) A standards-based Carnegie unit credit that shall consist of at least 120 hours of instructional time in one (1) subject; or

(b) A performance-based credit based on standards, regardless of the number of instructional hours in one (1) subject.

The Kentucky Board of Education identifies the minimum credits required for graduation (704 KAR 3:305) and the local district sets the local requirements in its district graduation policy.

Performance-Based Credit

Performance-based credits refer to credits earned by a student outside of the traditional structure of a 120-hour instructional course. In order to award such credits, districts must establish a policy for a performance-based system that:

  • provides procedures for developing performance-based credit courses

  • identifies related performance descriptors and assessments

  • establishes grading and reporting procedures 
    specifies content standards as addressed in Kentucky’s Academic Standards

  • identifies the extent to which end-of-course assessments will be used

  • allows for students to demonstrate proficiency and earn credit for learning acquired outside of school or in prior learning experiences

  • allows students to pursue internships, cooperative learning experiences and other learning experiences in the school and community

Performance-based credit may be awarded for these types of courses:

  • course work that allows satisfactory demonstration of learning

  • course work that constitutes satisfactory demonstration of learning in a course for which the student failed to earn credit when the course was previously taken

  • standards-based portfolios, including senior year or capstone projects

  • standards-based online or other technology-mediated courses

  • standards-based dual credit or other equivalency courses

  • standards-based internship, cooperative-learning experience or other supervised learning experiences in the school and the community

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