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Dual Credit

Dual Credit

Published: 11/30/2021 3:29 PM

In Dual Credit, a student is enrolled in a course which allows him/her to earn high school credit and college credit simultaneously. This course may be taught on a college campus or on a high school campus, but it will be in conjunction with a college or university. Dual credit courses must comply with KRS 158.007(8) which defined dual credit as "a college-level course of study developed in accordance with KRS 164.098 in which a high school student receives credit from both the high school and postsecondary institution in which the student is enrolled upon completion of a single class or designated program of study."

Related Definitio​​ns

Dual Enrollment is when students are enrolled in both the high school and a college or university.  The student may not receive high school credit for dual enrollment course work. If the student is receiving high school credit, this course work would be classified as Dual Credit. For dual credit information, please see the dual credit section of this webpage.​

A Middle College or an Early College is a high school located on a college campus that targets the academic and/or technical education needs of student on a postsecondary campus. These Early Colleges/Middle Colleges often provide students the opportunity to take courses for both high school and college credit.​

Dual Credit Scholarship Program

Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority (KHEAA) administers the Dual Credit Scholarship Program. For more information about the Dual Credit Scholarship, visit KHEAA's Website or contact KHEAA by phone at 800.928.8926 or 502.696.7200.

Dual Credit Scholarship Program Communications from KHEAA
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