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Cambridge Advanced International

Published: 12/13/2023 2:27 PM

Cambridge Assessment International Education is a part of the University of Cambridge and offers a pathway of education from primary through pre-university. The Cambridge Advanced International courses are considered advanced coursework in Kentucky and successful completion of a course and subsequent passing of an exam can count towards a student's Academic Readiness.​



Senate Bill 1 states that school report cards will report the Cambridge Advanced International courses offered, the number of students enrolled, completing and taking the examination for each course, and the percentage of examinees receiving a score of "e" or better.

Cambridge Grade Scale


AP, CAI, DC, & IB Postsecondary Readiness (Career and Academic) Courses​​

Includes a list of CAI courses eligible for Academic Readiness

Cambridge Pathway for Kentucky Schools Video

This video was prepared by Cambridge Schools and explains the entire pathway available for primary through pre-university.

Advanced Courses and Exams section of the Kentucky School Report Card​

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