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Instructional Device Price Sheets

Published: 6/12/2024 10:58 AM

​​​​​​​​​The following vendors hold KETS Instructional Device contracts that are available to be used for by the K-12 public Districts and Schools within the Commonwealth of Kentucky.   Below is purchasing information provided by the contract holders and contract information.  Specific questions about products, pricing and ordering information should be directed to the appropriate vendor contact​.

You can find more information on the KETS Products and Technical Standards page.

Specifications can be found in the KETS Instructional Device Minimum Specifications document.

Guidelines can be found in the (Document is being updated) document.


Contract#: MA-758-2100000423​
For information contact: Johnathan Gross, Account Executive, (502) 341-3694, Email: Johnathan.Gross@Dell.comand Wesley Fetter, Inside Sales Rep, (512) 513-0717, Email:

Inside Sales and ordering contact: Cody Young, Inside Account Manager, (512) 720-5933, Email:

For e-quotes & online ordering visit: Dell's KETS Contract website

​For warranty service visit: Dell Support

Dell Sales Agent(s):


Brett Kiser, VP of Sales, Phone: (859) 466-4092, Email:​​

Kendall Kassinger, Account Manager, Phone: (502) 641-1624, Email:

Inside Account Managers (quotes, orders):

Hans Roedig, Inside Account Manager, Phone: (513) 493-4626, Email: or 

Ann Scott, Inside Account Manager, Phone: (513) 493-4712, Email:


Mike Phelps, Account Manager, Phone: (859) 721-1530, Mobile: (859) 983-0173, Email:

Inside Account Manager (quotes, orders):

Caitlin Burpee, Phone: (502) 271-2131, Mobile: (231) 903-5301, Email:

Dell Instructional Device Contract Category Discounts off MSRP:

  • Enterprise Desktops-11.5%
  • Enterprise Laptops-11.5%
  • Maintenance/Warranty Support-0%
  • Enterprise Tablets-11.5%
  • Monitors-11.55%
  • Accessories-3%
  • Installation/Initial Configuration-0%
  • Services- 11.5%

Dell Instructional Device Contract

Effective Date: 10/01/2020
Expiration Date: 9/30/2024

Final Expiration date after renewals: 09/30/2028


Hewlett Packard

Contract#: MA-758-2100000418

For information contact: Jerome Gabryszewski, Account Executive (505) 415-7120, Email:

For e-quotes & online ordering visit: HP KETS Instructional Device Contract website​

Hewlett Packard Sales & Service Agent(s):

Trafera (formally known as FireFly Computers):

Amanda Wehland​, Contract Manager (612) 213-2957, Email:​​

For quotes & orders: Ryan Lapadat (651) 400-1042, Email:

Prosys Information Systems, Inc.:

Chris Spiritoso, Account Manager (260) 740-2489, Email:

For quotes and orders: Tricia Wilson (859) 887-8326, Email:

Riverside Technologies, Inc.:

Brett Clark, Account Manager (866) 804-4388, ext. 1403, Email:

For quotes & orders: Brian Miller, (866) 804-4388, ext. 1171, Email:​ 

HP Instructional Device Contract Category Dis​counts off MSRP:

  • Enterprise Desktops-10%

  • Enterprise Laptops-10%

  • Instructional Device Maintenance/Warranty Support-15%

  • Enterprise Tablets-10%

  • Enterprise Desktops-10%

  • Monitors- 5%

  • Accessories- 15%

  • Installation/Initial Configuration- 10%

  • Services- 10 % 

HP Instructional Device Contract

Effective Date: 10/01/2020
Expiration Date: 9/30/2024
Final Expiration date after renewals: 9/30/2028


Contract#: MA-758-2100000421

For information contact: Kathryn Hickman (919) 614-0608, Email: and Caleb Ellis (919) 411-3433, Email:​​​​​​

For quotes and rrders: Kathryn Hickman (919) 614-0608, Email: and Caleb Ellis (919) 411-3433, Email:

Go to Lenovo KETS Instructional Device Contract Web site for e-quotes & online ordering:  No Website Available
For Warranty Service call:  
Standard Support: (877) 453-6686 (N-Series – Press 1, Think Series – Press 2) or visit Lenovo PC Support​
Enhanced Support (Purchased separately with device): (800) 250-6085, or email:

Lenovo Sales & Service Agent:  


Rich McLean, Account Manager, Phone: (866) 668-9495, Email:

For quotes and orders: Rich McLean, Account Manager, Phone: (866) 668-9495, Email:   

Lenovo Instructional Device Contract Category Discounts off MSRP:

  • Enterprise Desktops-32%
  • Enterprise Laptops-32%
  • Maintenance/Warranty Support-18%
  • Enterprise Tablets-3%
  • Monitors-5%
  • Accessories-20%
  • Installation/Initial Configuration-0%
  • Services-0%

Lenovo Instructional Device Contract
Effective Date: 10/01/2020
Expiration Date: 9/30/2024
Final Expiration date after renewals: 09/30/2028


Contract#: MA-758-2100000422

For all contract related issues contact

Account Executive, Ashlea Turner (Interim), Phone: (469) 682-8295, Email:​

Account Technology Strategist, Humza Yasin, Phone: (817) 903-9386, Email:

Customer Success Account Manager, Derek Browders, Phone: (615) 585-2148, Email:

Send orders to: (see below for online ordering)  
For Warranty Service and Surface Support go to the Microsoft Surface Support page​ or call (800) 642-7676 and follow the prompts as follows: say Business for customer type, then say Technical Support, and for Technical Support say More Options and then Surface. This will get you to a representative that will be able to assist you with your hardware support needs.

Microsoft Service Agent: 


Contract #: MA-758-2200000427​

For information contact: Amy Hazzard, (480) 687-6689, Email:
For Quoting and Inquiry: Email​ 

Effective Date: 03/31/2023
Expiration Date: 09/15/2026
Final Expiration date after renewals: 09/15/2026

Microsoft Instructional Device Contract Category Discounts off MSRP:

  • Enterprise Desktops- N/A
  • Enterprise Laptops- 3%
  • Maintenance/Warranty Support -0%
  • Enterprise Tablets-3%
  • Monitors-0%
  • Accessories-0%
  • Installation/Initial Configuration-0%
  • Services-0%

Microsoft Instructional Device Contract
Effective Date: 10/01/2020
Expiration Date: 09/30/2024
Final Expiration date after renewals: 09/30/2028


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