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2024 - 2030 KETS Master Plan

Published: 6/6/2024 7:52 AM

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We recognize and celebrate that today's learners must be prepared to flourish in a continually changing digitally rich landscape. To prepare our students to redefine what is possible and for future success (postsecondary and career readiness), both students and teachers will need access to infrastructure, devices, digital tools and resources, digital curriculum and assessment, personalized learning applications, and digital experiences that reshape the use of space and time that can be embedded seamlessly into powerful learning experiences.

This KETS Master Plan represents statewide guidance for the next six years. The Master Plan standards, budget projections, and areas of emphasis are intended to be carried out over time with progress reported annually to the Kentucky Board of Education (specifically focused on budgeting unmet need and offers of assistance). Ultimately, the goal of this plan is to provide each Kentucky student with the skills, understanding, and confidence she or he needs to be successful and lead in the digital age. It is intentionally designed to meet the requirement for providing equitable access to educational opportunities. A collaborative effort from all partners is essential to continue to accelerate and grow upon the areas of emphasis outlined in this plan — from Pre-K–12 to postsecondary, classroom teachers to local and state policymakers, libraries to businesses, and students to parents — it will take everyone partnering and working side-by-side.

This KETS Master Plan led with an executive summary and an introduction which was immediately followed by details connecting this plan with 1) the KDE strategic planning process, 2) national education technology planning (including frameworks and models from other states), and 3) school district technology planning. Finally, highlighted are key areas of emphasis that spell out areas of acceleration (initiatives going well that need to be continued) and growth opportunity areas (initiatives to get better), and the technology need budget projections for the next six years.

To prepare this sixth edition of the KETS Master Plan, the Kentucky Department of
Education team, along with many partners, analyzed relevant research and data, revi​ewed
many national and state reports, and prepared summaries of relevant findings. Also
published were studies, models, and other resources that provide more background and
details for a number of the recommendations in this plan.

Contents - Projected Costs < Summary > Appendix A

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