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Published: 10/6/2022 4:08 PM
Targeted Interventions in High School: Preparing Students for College
Author(s): Zeyu Xu, Ben Backes, Amanda Oliveira, Dan Goldhaber
Published: February 2020

This study adds to the currently limited evidence base on the efficacy of interventions targeting non-college-ready high school students by examining the impact of Kentucky’s Targeted Interventions (TI) program.

The Common Core Conundrum: To What Extent Should We Worry That Changes to Assessments and Standards Will Affect Test-Based Measures of Teacher Performance?
Author(s): Ben Backes, James Cowan, Dan Goldhaber, Cory Koedel, Luke Miller, Zeyu Xu
Published: February 2016

This study investigates how value-added measures of teacher performance are affected by changes in state standards and assessments.

Dual Enrollment Courses in Kentucky: High School Students' Participation and Completion Rates

Author(s): Chad R. Lochmiller, Thomas J. Sugimoto, Patricia A. Muller, Gina G. Mosier, Steven E. Williamson
Published: June 2016

This study describes annual rates of participation and completion for Kentucky public high school students in grades 11 and 12 who attempted dual enrollment courses offered by public two-year and four-year colleges.

The Implementation of Dual Credit Programs in Six Nonurban Kentucky School Districts
Author(s): Mary E. Piontek, Patricia J. Kannapel, Michael Flory, Molly S. Steward
Published: June 2016

The study compiles profiles for six districts that describe dual credit program policies and practices, student participation, partner postsecondary institutions, course offerings, course location and schedule, instructors and credentialing, student supports, quality assurance, program costs and funding, and successes and challenges.

Teacher Retention, Mobility, and Attrition in Kentucky Public Schools from 2008 to 2012
Author(s): Chad R. Lochmiller, Thomas J. Sugimoto, Patricia A. Muller
Published: January 2016

This study reports average rates of retention (stayers), mobility (movers), and attrition (leavers) for classroom teachers for school years 2008/09, 2009/10, 2010/11, and 2011/12.

Participation and Pass Rates for College Preparatory Transition Courses in Kentucky
Author(s): Christine Mokher
Published: March 2014

This study of Kentucky students who take college preparatory transition courses (voluntary courses in math and reading available to grade 12 students who test below state benchmarks on the ACT in grade 11).

Descriptive Analyses of English Language Learner Student Enrollment Data in Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia
Author(s): Annette M. Zehler, Chengbin Yin, Anne Donovan
Published: March 2012

This technical brief describes ELL student enrollment across school districts in the four Appalachia Region states for 2005/06–2008/09, which described this enrollment for 1998/99–2004/05.

Superintendent Turnover in Kentucky
Author(s): Jerry Johnson, Tyler Huffman, Karen Madden, Shane Shope
Published: August 2011

This study examines superintendent turnover in Kentucky public school districts for 1998/99–2007/08, looking at how turnover varies by rural status, Appalachian and non-Appalachian region, and 2007/08 school district characteristics.

The Relationship Between Changes in the Percentage of Students Passing and in the Percentage Testing Advanced on State Assessment Tests in Kentucky and Virginia
Author(s): Louis Jacobson, Laura Holian
Published: March 2010

This study examines the statistical association between changes in the percentage of students in a school testing below proficient, proficient, and advanced in Kentucky and Virginia in the early years of NCLB accountability.

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