Strategic Plan

Commissioner Glass Goals

Published: 9/2/2022 9:27 AM


The mission of the Strategic Planning and Research Team is to comprehensively understand how well the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) is performing on all strategic initiatives through the use of evidence by coordinating with internal and external partners and analyzing data.

In coordination with the Kentucky Board of Education (KBE), Commissioner Glass had established the following goals:

  1. Continue to build on positive working relationships and obtain feedback from education policymakers, KDE staff, educators and education policy/advocacy groups.
  2. Continue to build on positive working relationships with members of the KBE through a series of conversations with the individual board members.
  3. Begin implementation of a new vision/direction for education in the Commonwealth based on the listening tours and engagement efforts from 2020-2021.
  4. Work with legislators and the governor's office to secure passage of legislation aligned with the KBE/KDE legislative agenda.
  5. Implement KDE supports and resources aligned with the KBE's resolution on anti-racism and equity.
  6. Continue to develop and add to both the equity dashboard and the dashboard of PreK-20 indicators and long-range goals established in 2020-2021, including the establishment of baselines for new non-academic measures.​


​​Karen Dodd
Office of the Commissioner of Education
Strategic Planning and Research
300 Sower Blvd., 5th Floor
Frankfort, KY 40601
(502) 564-2102 Ext. 4700
Fax (502) 564-7749

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