Commissioner of Education

Gretta Hylton

Published: 1/24/2024 4:27 PM

Gretta Hylton is associate commissioner in the Office of Special Education and Early Learning (OSEEL) at the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE). She has held various roles at KDE since November 2010, including as IDEA formal complaint investigator, executive staff advisor, policy advisor and division director.

Hylton received a bachelor’s degree in special education grades P-12 and elementary education and a master’s degree in education and school counseling from Morehead State University. She also holds a Rank 1 certification in counseling and a Director of Special Education certification.

In 2020, Hylton received the Kevin M. Noland/MaryAnn Miller Award and the Mary May Wyman Outstanding KYCEC Member of the Year Award for her work in education.

Hylton is from West Liberty and enjoys spending time with her husband, Freddie; son, Matthew; daughter, Carla; son-in-law, Hunter; and grandson, Bentley..

Gretta Hylton

Gretta Hylton

Associate Commissioner
Office of Special Education and Early Learning (OSEEL)

Stacy Ball
Executive Secretary/Scheduler
Office of the Commissioner of Education
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Frankfort, KY 40601
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