School Curriculum Assessment and Accountability Council

Published: 12/11/2023 10:13 AM

​​​​​​​​​​​The Governor appoints members to the School Curriculum, Assessment and Accountability Council (SCAAC). The committee’s existence was mandated by Executive Order 2021-729 and was created to study, audit, review and make recommendations concerning Kentucky’s system of academic standards, assessing learning, identifying academic competencies and deficiencies of students, holding schools accountable for learning, and assisting schools to improve their performance.

SCAAC is comprised of 17 voting members. SCAAC is authorized to request and receive data from any state or local government agency in the Commonwealth deemed necessary to fulfill the requirements of its mission, including any entity which derives a substantial portion of its funding from public sources.

KDE DAC Information
Office of Assessment and Accountability
300 Sower Blvd., 5th Floor
Frankfort, KY 40601
(502) 564-4394
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