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Teachers Advisory Council (TAC)

Published: 7/8/2024 8:30 AM


Purpose: The Teachers Advisory Council (TAC) is designed to improve the educational landscape of Kentucky by providing Kentucky’s Commissioner of Education with direct input from Kentucky’s classrooms. Bridging the gap between policy and practice, the TAC was created to advise the commissioner on educational priorities so that Kentucky’s students are well-prepared for any career they choose. The ultimate goal is to have effective teaching in every school, every classroom, every day. 

Membership: The Teacher Advisory Council (TAC) is comprised of approximately twenty (20) teacher leaders from across the Commonwealth who contribute crucial, diverse perspectives on education. Four (4) quarterly meetings take place each year. Members are required to attend at least three of the four meetings to remain an active member of the TAC.

The Office of Educational Licensure and Effectiveness coordinates the application process. Teachers are selected and appointed to the TAC for three-year terms. Membership is prioritized to ensure instructional expertise in various disciplines, grade bands, and areas of specialization are represented on the council. For those interested in applying to serve, please submit the TAC Membership Application. If selected, official correspondence from the Office of Educational Licensure and Effectiveness will be sent.  

Click here for TAC Membership Application

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